Economic Consequences of Globalization: Emigration from Turkey and to Turkey

Bulent Acma, Anadolu University, Turkey

Emmigration to other countries, particularly to Europe, from Turkey has been going on since the beginning of 1960’s. Surplus of young population and continuous unemployment problems in the country has been encouraging the tendency of emmigration. As a result of this, legal and illegal emmigration to other countries is still lasting. The aim of this study to analyze emmigration to other countries from Turkey and find out the economic reasons of it. For this reason, especially, the emmigration in Turkey will be shown through statistical data according to the years. Secondly, the reasons for socio-economic conditions which cause the emmigration. Third and last section, the economical and social renovation in the source country (Turkey) will be investigated and the impacts on the host countries will also be analyzed.

Presented in Poster Session 7