Linking the Environment, Growth in the Economy and the Population - Forestry Sector Growth, Deforestation and Population Growth

Stella L. Nassolo, Makerere University

Environmental sustainability will benefit future generations. Proper environment utilization is the priority of the Forestry Authority and yet this has proved a challenge to the population, who consume forest resources. This study used data from the 2006 Uganda National Household Survey, UNHS and economic data on the forest sector. The forest sector has grown recently from 553 billion Uganda shillings in 2004/5 to 882 billion in 2007/8. The study found that the population of Uganda is increasing much more rapidly than available environmental resources. This will lead to depletion of forests and hence an adverse effect on not only the people but the ecosystem as well. Clear environmental policies are needed to check population pressure on the environment and ensure sustainable income levels.

Presented in Session 87: Population and Environmental Impact in Africa