Living with Children and Psychological Distress of Adult Couples in South Korea

Jinwoo Lee, University of Texas at Austin

Using recently available 2006 data from Korean Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS), I estimated multivariate models to examine the impact of living with children on psychological well-being of adult couples in South Korea. Previous investigations of these relationships have been largely based on the U.S. population and it is unclear whether established associations/explanations stay valid in other population. Present study, therefore, places special emphasis on (1) replicating major findings in the U.S. studies; and (2) explaining the associations. Preliminary results suggest that the effects of living with children in South Korea are quite different than those reported in the U.S.. At first, living with children is positively associated with psychological well of adult couples, however, is further explained by major socio-economic differences (i.e., education and income). There is also a gender difference reported in the relationships where only women seem to be benefited from having minor children.

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