The Association between Regular Exercise and Health Life Expectancy

Yu-Hsuan Lin, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan
Chia-ying Lan, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan
Hui-Chi Chu, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan
I-Wen Liu, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan
Baai-Shyun Hurng, Bureau of Health Promotion, DOH, Taiwan

This study aims to explore whether regular exercise may prolong life expectancy and increase the proportion of active life expectancy. We use longitudinal data from the Taiwan Elderly Study on Aging to compute years of active life expectancy among older adults in Taiwan. Multistate life table method was applied to estimate health life expectancies and probability of transitions. The results show that exercisers have longer life expectancy and higher proportion of active life expectancy, but the inactive life expectancy is not significantly lower. It suggests that exercise even at older age can prolong elder’s life and help them retain in active state.

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Presented in Poster Session 4