Coexistence of Obesity and Anemia in Older Mexican Adults: A Common Challenge among the Poor

Rafael Samper-Ternent, University of Texas Medical Branch
Alejandra Michaels-Obregon, University of Texas Medical Branch

Latin American countries are still undergoing a demographic transition with aging occurring in a shorter time, while limited healthcare access, malnutrition, and low income need resolution. Obesity and anemia are caused by malnutrition and increase the risk of adverse events and both are highly prevalent in Mexico. Little information is available on the overlap of these two conditions and older adults in Mexico may be at risk for higher rates. It is therefore crucial to identify the unique characteristics older Mexicans with anemia, obesity or both have. This paper examines prevalence of anemia and obesity using a national sample from the Mexican National Health and Nutrition Survey 2006 in older adults (n=5927). We provide evidence that the presence of anemia, obesity, and both, varies by socioeconomic characteristics and health risk factors. We conclude highlighting the role of anemia within an epidemic of obesity as aging advances in countries like Mexico.

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