Relationship Dynamics and Contraceptive Use Reported in an Online Weekly Survey: Preliminary Results

Yasamin Kusunoki, University of Michigan

This paper examines the role of young women's dynamic relationship experiences on their contraceptive behaviors. I use new longitudinal data from a weekly mixed-mode (online or phone) survey spanning two and half years. I investigate the effects of time-varying measures of intensity and instability within and across relationships on imperfect contraceptive use among a sample of almost 1000 18-21 year old women. The results are preliminary but suggest that conflict with a partner and transitions between relationships, such as getting back together with a partner or breaking up with one partner and starting a relationship with another partner, increase the likelihood of imperfect contraceptive use. In the final paper to be presented at PAA, analyses will include additional time-varying relationship measures and will also investigate the reported reasons for imperfect use.

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Presented in Session 163: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health