Men’s Support for Abortions in Nairobi’s Urban Slums, Kenya

Nana Yaa G. Boakye, University of Ghana

Although abortion is often considered a woman's issue, in sub-Saharan Africa, the role of men in decisions concerning abortion needs further investigation (Baker and Khasiani 1992; Benson et al. 1996). This study looks at the relationship between socio-economic (and other factors) and men’s support for their partner’s decisions to abort an unwanted pregnancy. The study used binary logistic regression, studies men aged 15 to 24 in Nairobi slums that have been in relationships where their partners have had abortions while in the relationship. According to Nyanzi et al (2005), men play significant roles in abortion as instigators, facilitators, collaborators, transporters, advisors, informers or supporters. The study based on the Nairobi Cross-sectional Slum Survey data found that, men’s ethnicity and their partners’ reasons for having abortions were statistically significant in influencing men’s support for

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