Media Exposure on Condom Use Among Adolescents Age 12 – 19 in Ghana: Application of the TPB Model

Paola A. Acosta, Pennsylvania State University
Rhonda BeLue, Pennsylvania State University

This study uses the 2004 National Survey of Adolescents in Ghana to examine the relationship between media exposure and condom use among youth of ages 12-19 (n = 368). The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is applied to explain the relationship between media exposure to HIV/AIDS messages and condom use among adolescents. Logistic regression is used to examine whether modality of media exposure differently affects actual condom use among adolescents in Ghana. Preliminary findings suggest attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control predict condom use at last intercourse. Specifically, media exposure to television, high confidence in one’s ability to influence male condom use, past behavior as a proxy for intention, and individual perceptions on condom use as a sign of distrust of one’s sexual partner predict actual condom use. Findings from this study will identify the most effective media modality to increase condom use among youth in Ghana.

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