Female Migration in India: Myths and Realities

Sandhya Rani Mahapatro, Institute for Social and Economic Change

Female as the tied mover is acutely magnified in the Indian migration literature. However, globalisation that has been taking place in Indian economy indicates that women are no longer passive movers rather they migrate autonomously for employment and also as the main migrant worker in family migration which is not much explored yet. By examining socio- demographic, spatial and the employment pattern this study is an endeavour to understand the female mobility as well as their autonomus movement for economic reason This paper using Census (1971-2001) and National Sample Survey (NSS) 55th round (1999-2000) discusses these emerging issues of female migration. Indirect indicators like household size, relation to head, and marital status are used as proxy of autonomous migration.Statistical techniques like rates, ratio and percentage are employed for analysis. The findings of the study show that migration of females for economic reason (single and family) taking place in India.

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Presented in Poster Session 7