Family Planning Behaviour of Indian Couples: When Do Indian Men Adopt Family Planning Methods

Shailendra K. Mishra, Indian Statistical Institute, Biological Anthropology Unit
Sanjeev Bakshi, Indian Statistical Institute

Studies on choice of family planning methods and gender role in India and its correlates are limited. The present study attempts to model the choices of male and female specific family planning methods by the Indian couples. Data of National Family Health Survey -3 was used to understand social and demographic factors to influence the probability of a couple’s decision about family planning method. The results of the study suggest that age, education of wife and place of residence are important in selection of male or female specific methods of family planning. Selection of appropriate family planning method by a couple involves many factors together. Therefore, it is imperative to understand selection process in all possible ways. Findings of the study are, hence important addition to present existing knowledge in this regard.

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Presented in Poster Session 4