CAUSES of Infant and Under-Five Mortality in Rural India: Findings from a Household Survey in Madhya Pradesh among Targeted Households

Ajeet Kumar, DRS Delhi

Reduction in infant and child mortality is not only a major goal but also an important strategy to achieve health for all. Madhya Pradesh, a member of the Empowered Action Group (EAG) states, in India who is demographically regressive, lags behind in development and has highest infant and under-five mortality rate in the country. This paper aims to understand the overall status of new born, infant and under-five mortality in rural areas of the study state and their major determinants among target population. Variations in mortality suggest that not only covering all pregnant women with full antenatal care, providing assistance at delivery and postnatal care are critical for achieving reduction in mortality but also to educate them about better utilization of health care services and providing treatment to their children on time. Policy intervention requires serious strengthening to grassroots’ level staff, infrastructure and accelerate capacity buildings activities.

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Presented in Poster Session 6