Sons and Daughters: Effects of Children's Out-Migration on Intergenerational Support in Rural China

Lu Song, Soochow University

Using data from the baseline and follow-up surveys of “Well-being of Elderly Survey in Anhui Province, China” conducted in 2001 and in 2003 respectively, this paper examine the gender differences in the effect of out-migration on intergenerational support in rural China. The results show that, the division of family support in rural China has not changed thoroughly under the out-migration of adult children. However, the gender differences on intergenerational supports between sons and daughters are reduced. While migrant daughters have greater probability of increasing financial support to their elderly parents, which narrows the gap between sons and daughters; migrant sons have less probability of increasing instrumental support to their elderly parents, which also narrows the gender difference of instrumental support. And as migrant daughter are more likely to increase the emotional support to their parents, the gap between sons and daughters on intergenerational emotional support is further widened.

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