Gender, Gender Role Attitudes and Migration Motives -Sweden 1999-2009

Maria Brandén, Stockholm University

This study examines how gender and gender role attitudes affect internal migration motives for men and women. The data used is the Young Adult Panel Study (YAPS) which is a Swedish three wave panel study that contains questions on gender role attitudes as well as date and reasons for last long distance move. The first descriptive results indicate both effects from gender on migration motives, as well as associations between gender role attitudes and migration motives. Men who move more often do this due to career reasons compared to women. Egalitarian women more often state career reasons compared to other women. Women who move more often claim they moved for the sake of their partner compared to men. Egalitarian men are more common to state the partner as the main reason of the move than other men, whereas egalitarian women are less common to do this, compared to other women.

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Presented in Poster Session 3