Does Non-ANC Influence Complications While Delivery among Women in Slums in Greater Mumbai

Vijay M. Sarode, Mulund College of Commerce

This paper examines utilization of health services available to study women in slums in Mumbai and checks whether non-utilization of ANC and having reproductive health problems during pregnancy creates complications during child delivery on the basis of standard of living index constructed from household amenities. The study uses primary data, collected using cluster sampling of sample size of 433 reproductive women who have given at least one live birth prior to survey on antenatal care, reproductive health problems during pregnancy and complications generated while child delivery from Rafi Nagar slum.The findings using logistic regression reveals that those illiterate women did not go for ANC and having reproductive health problems during pregnancy, creates complications during child delivery. Besides, unimaginable low level of health utilization services were observed. The paper suggests that awareness is required at every stages of ANC, particularly to illiterate women for betterment of reproductive health during pregnancy.

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Presented in Poster Session 5