A Critical Analysis on the Exploitation of Asian Migrant Women Workers

Rizwana Barrister Yusuf, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)
Ahmad Maqsood, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)

It is critical to articulate that migrant women facing human rights violations do share many common experiences of gender based violence, marginalization, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and gender inequality. Policy and practice responses to address the emancipation of migrant women are inadequate. Understanding and responding to violence against migrant women necessarily requires an understanding of why these issues are occurring. This paper shall discuss the significant dilemma of Asian migrant women workers in Middle East and Western countries with regard to their social, cultural and economic status. It shall also underscore their inability to seek redress for their legal rights and awareness of their social and employment facilities. It shall conclude with the recommendations and proposals regarding the role of government both in the home country and the country of residence to improve the quality and expertise of women migrant worker.

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Presented in Poster Session 5