Men’s Role in Breast Feeding: Observations from the Survey of Nepalese Men

Vikash Kumar KC, Tribhuvan University
Dipendra Jung KC, Madan Bhandari College

Using data generated from the General Male Survey 2007, this study examines the factors associated with men’s role in breast feeding in Nepal. Analyses show that more than 78.0 percent of men agree that colostrum is the most important nutrient for the newborn. Likewise, more than 51.0 percent of men advise their partners for breast feeding. Bivariate and multivariate analyses reveal that education, mass media exposure, spousal discussion and level of development are positively associated. The odds of men’s participation in preparing nutritious food is likely to be higher among men with better education, exposed to mass media and who discuss with partners after controlling for other variables. Similarly, education, mass media exposure and spousal discussion are also positively associated with men’s advice for breast feeding. Therefore, information, education and communication may be one of the best strategies to improve the positive role of men towards breast feeding in Nepal.

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