Labor Force and Income Estimates for Selected Age and Sex Groups, 2007 - 2034

Philip S. Salisbury, Economic and Population Trends, Inc.

This paper’s purpose is to prepare estimates of civilian labor force (CLF) and income for 45 year old and 64 year old males and females; estimates of CLF for males and females ages 46 and 65; estimates of male and female CLF for 51 and 70 year olds; and estimates of CLF for males and females 54 and 70 years old from 2007 to 2034. To do this a three and four stage process is used to prepare individual income estimates for the four age and two sex groups. Four figures demonstrate how, over time, the aging and attrition of the numbers of males from employment and participation in the labor force takes its toll on the size of the total male CLF and their income, particularly at the upper end (65 and over). The results are presented in figures and tables. Policy implications are presented. 147 words

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