Determinants of Pregnancy Outcomes in Uganda

Odur Benard, Makerere University

The goal of the study was to evaluate the risk factors affecting pregnancy outcome in Uganda before 2006 of 8369, 1962 had still birth.The study involved univariate,Pearson chi-square and Logistic regression model analysis. The study showed that pregnancy outcomes are significantly associated with mother’s education level, age, marital status, wealth index, residence and domestic violence (p<0.05). Multivariate analysis revealed that mother’s education level, marital status, age and place of residence have significant effect on pregnancy outcome (p<0.05). It was concluded that pregnancy outcomes depend on mother’s education level,Mother’s age,place of residence at the time of delivery, Child's Birth order Marital status. Wealth index does not determine pregnancy outcome. Domestic violence was found to be associated with pregnancy outcome. Government should support USE with gender component embedded, improving the availability of primary health care and easy access to social and family planning services, paying much more attention to older mothers

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Presented in Poster Session 7